Compilation of risk analysis, loss prevention and analysis of insurance needs

The risk specialist reviews the various risk aspects affecting the company, visits and charts the objects.


Insurance portfolio audit

We review the existing insurance programme and make suggestions for improving the programme, if possible.


Preparation of an insurance programme

In cooperation with the client, we find the best way for insuring their risks.


Organising of the insurance procurement and comparison of the conditions

The specialists forward the insurance programme to insurance agencies; the received quotations are analysed and a comparison of the conditions is drawn up. We cooperate with all insurance agencies operating in Estonia. In the case of more complex risks, we can find solutions outside of our domestic insurance market as well.


Contract management

Insurance brokers work in a special work environment for brokers, the aim of which is to manage the clients’ insurance contracts as efficiently and operatively as possible.


Accident assistance and loss adjustment

The insurance broker helps the client from the initial advising regarding the loss at thescene of the accident to complicated disputes with insurance agencies. Qualified specialists ensure high-quality loss adjustment.